S06E06 The Sunset Strip Killers (Douglas Clark and Carol Bundy)

Douglas Clark and Carol Bundy were lovers who were accused, and subsequently, convicted of a series of murders in Los Angeles. 

This case is not as straight forward as many others have been. The pair came to police attention when Bundy called to confess to the decapitation murder of her lover John Murray. She had killed him after he had confronted her about what she had been doing with Clark. 

Murray had found out that Bundy and Clark were the killers known as the Sunset Strip Killers who had brutally raped and murdered at least six women in Los Angeles between June and August 1980

In our news section;

 - A serial killer is on the loose in Port Harcourt and the police blames it all on prostitution

 - A British woman says she is willing to risk her life and wants to marry a convicted serial killer.

 - Official FBI statistics claims serial killers now account for fewer than 1 percent of killings... but there's a twist!

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