S06E04 Col. David Russell Williams Pt 2 PLUS Hollywood ripper, Claremont serial killer & Fast tracking executions

This week we continue our psychological profile on former Canadian Forces Colonel David Russell Williams. 

Ultimately Williams would be charged with two counts of first-degree murder, two counts of forcible confinement, two counts of breaking and entering, and sexual assault.

This episode focuses on his crimes as revealed in his police interview.

In our news section;

  • Another twist in the case of alleged ‘Claremont Serial Killer’ Bradley Edwards.
  • US Attorney General Bill Barr says the Trump administration will move to speed up the use of capital punishment against convicted mass murderers
  • The 'Hollywood Ripper' caught in an undercover sting
  • A mother and son have been jailed in the UK for the murder of their neighbour.

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