26 // Scissored Isle: Part 1 (LIVE)

Coming to you live from MCM Comic Con in Manchester, Adam, Nick, Tom and Tom (plus Jed) scrutinise Alan's road to redemption in part 1 of our Scissored Isle special, discussing 'Tesco lifer' Pat Bevan, our supermarket/factory pasts and Lynn's grasp of YouTube comments, as well as deciding whether we'd eat a condom full of grapes or not. // Join us live in London on Nov 22nd (NOT 25th as we say in this episode). Tix: postpoppodcasts.com/monkeytennislive // Get in touch: thepartridgepod@gmail.com, @thepartridgepod on Twitter, Facebook.com/thepartridgepod or @monkeytennispod on Instagram.