25 // Your Feedback

We’ve bounced back and we’re ready to take a look over the best of your emails, tweets, and Facebook messages from the last few months. This sees us tackling some seriously large questions: What would Alan's wrestling finisher move be? How much would a ladyboy chaser cost in 2017? What will the new Alan show in 2018 be like? Along the way we also clarify our Clives (was it Anderson? Was it James?), reveal how you can now play Cards Against Alanity at your leisure, and launch our new Alan location mapping initiative: A Partridge Over Britain. Don't forget, we're hitting the stage at the Prince Charles Cinema on 22nd November for our Knowing Me Knowing Yule live show, featuring Simon 'Michael the Geordie' Greenall. Tickets available at http://www.postpoppodcasts.com/monkeytennislive Get in touch: thepartridgepod@gmail.com // twitter.com/thepartridgepod // Facebook.com/thepartridgepod // instagram.com/monkeytennispod