Ramona Ausubel, THE LAST ANIMAL

Zibby interviews author Ramona Ausubel about her playful, witty, and resonant new novel, THE LAST ANIMAL, which came from the idea of de-extincting woolly mammoths and evolved into a story about a single mom and her daughters grappling with creation, extinction, and family dynamics. Ramona reflects on her writing journey, from a shy, poetic child to a published author influenced by personal experiences and literary figures like George Saunders. Ramona emphasizes the richness of the writing process over the end goal of publication and shares her future projects, including a new novel, short stories, and a craft book. The interview also touches on Ramona's participation in a panel at the book fair and her plans to enjoy the local Miami culture.

Purchase on Bookshop: https://bit.ly/3N1piwc

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