Alli Webb, THE MESSY TRUTH: How I Sold My Business for Millions But Almost Lost Myself

Zibby interviews Alli Webb, founder of the world-famous blowout salon chain, Drybar, about her empowering and insightful memoir, THE MESSY TRUTH: HOW I SOLD MY BUSINESS FOR MILLIONS BUT ALMOST LOST MYSELF. Alli shares what it was like to start a business that took off seemingly overnight. She also discusses the struggles she faced in her marriage and with her teenage son, who had to enter rehab, and how she eventually spiraled into a deep depression. She emphasizes the importance of transparency and the impact of sharing her story with others, especially other women who might be going through similar experiences. Finally, she describes her current projects, which include a new massage concept (Squeeze) and a humidifier company (Canopy).

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