Tomas Delgado - How to Find Your Life Purpose Through Organic Farming : 006

Tomas DelgadoMusician and former NGO Project Manager in Madrid shares his story as he quit his job, travelled to the other side of the World through HelpX and WWOF where he helped out for four year at different organic farms. His exciting journey allowed him to grow as an individual and to find his true purpose in lifeTomas grew from being a very shy person into an open an outgoing musician performing infront of crowds of people. His experience underlines the importance of taking chances and trying out new things as they might take you where you are really supposed to be. On this episode Tomas even shares techniques from his experience at a Vipassana Meditation center

On this episode we examine the following topics among others:

  • What is a life crisis and how do you get unstuck
  • Why meditation and being present matters
  • How journeys somewhere might change your life if ways you never thought about
  • How to silence beliefs and thoughts limiting yourself

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