Kristina Paltén - How to Embrace Your Fears & Make Them Guide You : 004

I'm honoured to have the super-woman Kristina Paltén on the show. She is the Swedish ultra-marathon runner with several World records, who one day decided to challenge herself and her own fears for the unknown in an extreme way. Kristina ran 1,840 KM through a muslim country with sharia laws and almost lost one of her best friends in the process. If anyone knows, how to confront and manage fears it must be this woman. Prepare yourself as we take a journey into the psychology of an elite runner

On this episode we examine the following topics among others:

  • How to identify and follow positive over negative thoughts
  • Why fears are quite handy as you head out to transform your life 
  • Ways to manage and overcome fears
  • The power of following your heart
  • How your journey somewhere may lead you even further than you think

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