Janet Vähämäki - Personal Development Though Meditation & Spirituality - Tips on How to Transform Your Life : 005

Janet Vähämäki, PhD is the researcher at Stockholm Center for Organisational Research who decided to quit her job and get a divorce in order to transform her life for herself and her 3 kids. On this episode Janet share her life-changing adventure as she explains how the special needs of her oldest son born with an unusual genetic syndrome, gave her the strength and power she needed to find the spiritual part of herself and through herself into completing a difficult PhD-study at Stockholm Business School. Today, Janet is a certified Zen-coach with a meditation centre in her own house. 

On this episode we examine the following topics among others:

  • How to get your started with meditation
  • Why spirituality matters in life 
  • Ways to stay connected with the present
  • The power of doing something with with your heart

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