Ammar Akhtar - How to Build a Successful Business Against All Odds : 003

Ammar Akhtar is Founder and CEO of a Successful International Business, 1CallGroup and FinalRentals, in Dubai. He is an Executive MBA student at the prestigious MIP - Politecnico di Milano in Italy and the probably one of our most energetic digital entrepreneurs out there. But this is only half of the story about why I invited him on the show. Ammar grew up in a poor family in Pakistan where startup and business wasn't part of a vocabulary he knew. Against all odds, he discovered his talent and since then nothing has been able to hold him back. Ammar is the brain behind the online booking systems of Budget, Thrifty, Dollar in UAE, among others. 

On this episode we examine the following topics among others:

  • Confront your fears as Fearlessness might become your Secret Weapon
  • How Big Almost Impossible Goals allows you to Keep Focused along your path.
  • Learn from every step you take and don't be afraid to Adjust Your Objectives along the way.
  • Don't allow passion to forget What Really Matters to you.

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