Yeap & Heikal on immigrant punx and racism in Australia

Experiences of immigration and racism from POC and queer punx in Australia

On the show today I’ll be talking with Yeap, who burst through the Australian and International punk scene in the early 2000’s as the lead singer of swedish crust revivalists Pisschrist, then going on to form Kromosom and most recently Enzyme, as well as some shorter lived projects such as oi punk band Bloody Hammer. Yeap has a new project called Reaksi who have a 7” coming out this year off La Vida Es Un Mus Records. Alongside Yeap I’ll be interviewing Heikal, who plays bass in Reaksi and immigrated to Australia just a few years ago. Both people are from Malaysia but not necessarily Milasian, and have their own stories of family migration within South East Asia that we go into in our conversation.

As well as talking about Yeaps punk ventures since moving to Australia, we also go over why both of them moved here, the communities they moved out of and then into at the time of their immigration. 

With this comes experiences of racism they’ve encountered in both countries, in and out of the punk community, as well as, for Heikal, having to navigate society as a non binary trans person.

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