MBSE is the modern solution for industrial complexity and sustainability

The rapid growth of complexity across the industry pushes many businesses to reevaluate their approaches to developing products and processes. That complexity comes in various business pressures, from increased regulation for autonomous products to the inclusion of carbon footprints to meet sustainability standards. Remaining competitive while tackling these challenges will require a digital solution with model-based systems engineering.

Nicholas Finberg of Siemens Global Marketing, and Tim Kinman, Vice President of Trending Solutions and Global Program Lead for Systems Digitalization at Siemens Digital Industries Software, discuss what is driving the adoption of MBSE.

In this episode, you will learn about the key drivers pushing the industry towards a more modern development approach. You’ll learn about what makes an MBSE approach better able to handle complex products over a system engineering approach. And you’ll know how this methodology fits into development, as it might be defined today.

What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • The changes influencing the future of industry (01:18)
  • The nuances of systems engineering vs. model-based systems engineering (03:50)
  • Why reuse is critical to streamlining development (14:45)
  • How the MBSE methodology is applied in development tools (15:50)

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