18. Bravery shapes sustainable cities


Welcome to another episode of Mobilitetspodden. In this episode, we met the passionate bicycle enthusiasts, Melissa and Chris Bruntlett. Melissa and Chris started their mobility journey while living in Vancouver, Canada. Today, they provide their mobility expertise in the Netherlands, where they now live. 


As an experiment they decided to sell their car and try to manage their everyday mobility without it. throughout the years, they've built a considerable knowledge about mobility which has resulted in the publishing of two books focused on bicycling and their experiences. 


In this bicycling episode we talk about the Dutch cycling model, design as a key to successfully building a cycling city, how politicians have to be brave and take the uncomfortable decisions, but also how global cities can be inspired by the Netherlands’ extraordinary success . 



Avsnittets innehåll

0:00 start

03:48 Introduction Melissa and Chris Bruntlett

18:25 The Dutch cycling model

25:15 Design as a key for success

35:15 Mindset or culture - or both?

42:10 Politicians and their roll

47:39 Let the silent majority be heard

50:13 Book pitch

52:40 Wrap up








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