Parenting in Pandemic: What to Expect When You are Expecting During a Global Pandemic

Congratulations, you are pregnant, and now you are about to embark on one of the most life-changing experiences in the middle of a global pandemic! Kimmy interviews her pregnant friend comedy writer Hanna LoPatin. They discuss Hanna's recent InStyle magazine essay about the fear and hope that is she is feeling, and Kimmy discovers the benefits of social distancing while being pregnant. Kimmy also has a quick chat and gets advice from midwife Aleksandra Evanguelidi. Alek has delivered over 1000 babies and helps Kimmy demystify home births.  

Please check out Hanna's InStyle essay -

And here is a link to Hanna’s podcast Encore! Encore!, recapping the Disney+ series Encore.

You can also listen to more advice from Aleksandra on the podcast Under the Hood. Here is the link-

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