Mental Health - You Are Not Alone!

Episode 1: Mental Health – You are not alone!

Welcome to the Mother of All Shows! In this inaugural episode Kimmy Gatewood dives into a conversation about mental health with two of her closest friends, Rebekka Johnson -a mother, actress and writer, and Kimmy’s comedy partner on Glow, and Amanda Deibert - a tv and comic book writer and mother. They dig into the baby blues, witches, and dealing with depression. 

Kimmy also talks with stand-up comedian Angelina Spicer about her experience surviving postpartum depression. Angelina is honest about how she uses humor to reduce the stigma around PPD (postpartum for short) and wants women to know they need to ask for help and accept help.


Come for the conversation, stay for the baby parade!



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Look out for updates on Angelina's upcoming comedy special/documentary on PPD!



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