Communes - Should I Start One?

What do you think when you hear the word commune? In this week's episode, Kimmy explores two different communal living situations. Her first interview is with Elizabeth Flinn - a woman raised in a religious commune. Elizabeth talks to Kimmy about her life in a Hutterite colony and addresses the pros and cons of living in this community.

Next, she speaks with Stephanie Willoughby, a mother of three, and part of a 'modern commune' in her New Jersey neighborhood. Kimmy learns about Stephanie's parental utopia.

And Rebekka Johnson (actress, writer, Glow) and Amanda Diebert (tv and comic book writer) stop by to break down the realities of communal life with comedy. Could living in a commune be the answer to your childcare issues? What if you don't eat dairy? Do all communes become sex cults? Listen to find out. 


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Additional references:

Hutterite - a short film by Becca Flinn

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