Moments with Burak Koyuncu

We're pros at this now, here's episode two. We sit down and talk to Burak Koyuncu. Burak is Workforce Solutions Director at Lee Hecht Harrison PennaIt, a consultancy helping businesses through restructuring, changing their culture and developing their leaders.

Burak is a Strategy Consulting Executive with a PhD in Management and expertise in organisational change, leadership, culture/behaviour change, and talent management. He has a proven track-record of helping organisations with their leadership, people and change strategies during large transformations. He's a thought leader in people and organisation strategy areas with publications in Harvard Business Review and MIT Sloan Management Review, among others. Frequently referred to by the business press, including the Business Week, Sunday Times, The Economist, Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal.

It was a pleasure to have Burak on, we hope you enjoy the episode.

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