Ep.132 AK47 & The Banksy Job - Ministry of Arts Podcast

In this episode Gary Mansfield speaks to AK47 aka Andy Link (@AK47TheArtist)     AK47 is a well-known figure in urban/street art circles and an absolute pleasure to talk to; funny, bold, brash and just oozing Yorkshire charisma. He is also a self-proclaimed ‘art terrorist’, leader of Art Kieda; an “underground global network of arto-politkal activists”.   AK47 tells us his amazing story, of an ongoing battle, lasting several years, over The Drinker, a statue by Banksy that he placed in a square, just off Shaftsbury Avenue, in London in 2004. Art Kieda drove a truck into London, took possession of it and reported it as ‘found’ at the local police station, where if unclaimed after 3 months, the found item would legally belong to the finder (under UK law).   This story, and how it later unfolded was documented in a film entitled The Banksy Job, which had the wit and comedy of an Ealing caper with the fast paced action of a British crime movie (by Ipso Facto Productions).     This podcast episode tells of the most recent saga in AK47’s story of the battle of The Drinker, which now include Sotherby’s!     To Support this podcast from as little as £3 per month: www.patreon/ministryofarts   For full line up of confirmed artists go to https://www.ministryofarts.org Email: ministryofartsorg@gmail.com Social Media: @ministryofartsorg