Ep.44 Michael Wallner- Mizog Art Podcast

In this episode Gary Mansfield talks digital artist Michael Wallner (@michaelwallnerart)

This is the first of three episodes featuring artists from a group exhibition called ‘A River Runs Through It’, showing at Gallery Oxo at the base of The Oxo Tower, on London’s Southbank running from 4-8 September.

For many years Michael had a successful career in TV production, but as with many artists I have spoken to, the pull of their creative pastime was too strong.

Michael is best known for his works on brushed aluminium.  He pays homage to eye-catching architecture, quite often views of London, coming to life with areas of bold, bright colours.   To obtain the best composition, Michael will even take photographs from the open door of a helicopter flying over a city.


To see more of Michael’s work go to  https://www.michaelwallner.co.uk/or on social media @michaelwallnerart


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