Ep.77 Jacqueline de Montaigne - Ministry of Arts Podcast

This week Gary Mansfield speaks to Jacqueline de Montaigne (@jdmontaigne)   Jacqueline is a figurative/mural artist that lives just outside Portugal’s capital, Lisbon.   As you will discover, as well as being an amazing artist, Jacqueline is something of a polymath, having extensive knowledge in several areas. Something she attributes to have always had an inquisitive mind that she cannot seem to rest.   Most of the work Jacqueline creates has socio-political undertones, some more visible than others.     This podcast was recorded using the built-in software of the conferencing app Zoom, which is reflected in the audio quality.   For full line up of confirmed artists go to https://www. ministryofarts.org Email: ministryofartsorg@gmail.com Social Media: @ministryofartsorg