Ep.125 Zak Ové - Ministry of Arts Podcast

In this episode Gary Mansfield speaks to Zak Ové (@zakove)   Zak Ové is a London based multi-disciplinary artist working in film, sculpture and photography to reclaim old world mythologies in new world source materials and technologies. His fascination with the interplay between antiquity and the future is inspired by masking rituals and traditions of Trinidadian carnival that is itself rooted in a struggle for emancipation.   Ové’s work is in celebration of the power of play, the juxtaposition of parody and sacred ritual and the blurring of edges between reality and fantasy, flesh and spirit. His use of non-traditional materials: copper, wood, Victoriana and other found materials, situates the work in the metropoles of Europe and the Americas where they merge and mutate into endless possibilities and unexpected identities.     Zak’s huge artwork Autonomous Morris has been installed outside the Design Museum as part of the *Kensington & Chelsea Art Week   * Kensington + Chelsea Art Week is expanding throughout the summer season with a festival that elevates the magic and shared experiences of public art and live performance. From 21 June – 31 August, K+C Festival will bring people together to celebrate, inspire, and be inspired - For more information go to https://www.kcaw.co.uk     For more information on the work of Zak Ové go to https://www.vigogallery.com/artists/9   To Support this podcast from as little as £3 per month: www.patreon/ministryofarts   For full line up of confirmed artists go to https://www.ministryofarts.org Email: ministryofartsorg@gmail.com Social Media: @ministryofartsorg