Ep.123 Graphic Rewilding- Ministry of Arts Podcast

In this episode Gary Mansfield speaks to Lee Baker of Graphic Rewilding (@graphic_rewilding)


Lee baker [like Catherine Borowski, ep.104] is one half Baker & Borowski, that has given us, among other things, The skip Gallery and now Graphic rewilding.


Lee has been a commercial music producer for many years, using its income to fund Baker & Borowski projects to bypass the bureaucratic process of funding applications.

Their latest, Graphic Rewilding, delivers exactly what the title states… Large-scale graphic floral worlds placed in a contradictive environment, be it a factory window, wall of a building, or in this case a 30 metre hoarding in Earle’s Court as Part of the *Kensington & Chelsea Art Week


* Kensington + Chelsea Art Week is expanding throughout the summer season with a festival that elevates the magic and shared experiences of public art and live performance.

From 21 June – 31 August, K+C Festival will bring people together to celebrate, inspire, and be inspired - For more information go to




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