Ep.70 Unskilled Worker – Ministry of Arts Podcast

Ep.70 Unskilled Worker – Ministry of Arts Podcast


This week Gary Mansfield speaks Helen Downie aka Unskilled Worker (@unskilledworker)


Helen is a self-taught artist and has been painting for just seven years, in that short time, she has amassed over 280,000 Instagram followers, under the Moniker Unskilled Worker and has become one of the country’s most sought after painters.

Helen wanted her Unskilled Worker to be anonymous, sexless, ageless and colourless.  She wanted it to be anyone.  As her popularity grew, as did the viewer’s curiosity as to whom this person was, that created such stand-alone artwork.  To Helen’s amusement, the most popular belief was that it was a 24 year old male behind this name.


This podcast was recorded via the video meeting app, ZOOM; during social distancing, using the built-in software.


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