Seeing The Future

Seeing the Future

In episode 4 Eliza looks at how our broken school system is not just failing autistic young people but everyone. What can be done to make it better?

All children want to learn, but sometimes the school environment makes this difficult. The pressure of league tables and efficiency and standards can mean children’s needs and wellbeing take a backseat. The focus is “content”, not the child, and the fallout is growing psychological distress among young people. Reports show children in the UK are doing extremely poorly in terms of their school satisfaction, life satisfaction and subjective wellbeing. A high number of our prison population have been failed by the education system.

How far is the current school system out of date and fit for purpose in the 21st century? How far is school reflective of children’s lives and their lives outside school any more? Is it time to think more creatively about how we educate?  

“Lots of people don't thrive in our current educational system. We need to think about education in a much wider way. What if when children are going to school age four or five, it's not a question of which school they go to, it's a question of how are they best going to learn.” 


Eliza Fricker (@_MissingTheMark)

Harry Thompson (@FidgetyF_cker), author of The PDA Paradox

Kieran Rose (@KieranRose7), The Autistic Advocate

Dr Naomi Fisher (@naomicfisher), author of Changing Our Minds

Tom Vodden (@TVodden), teacher and trainer

Liz Soper (@ASeatAtTheTabl4), A Seat At The Table

Dr Chris Bagley (@hiddendepths), Director of Research at States of Mind

Graham Brown-Martin (@GrahamBM), author of Learning Reimagined


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