Finding Other Ways

Finding Other Ways

In episode 3 Eliza finds out what happens when you leave the school system, what recovery looks like, and what alternatives there are to mainstream education when you know you need something different. 

For some children the consequences of trying to go to mainstream school is devastating, and the first step when they leave is healing. Eliza talks to mum of two autistic children, Lindsey, about slowly rebuilding their children’s wellbeing and capacity to grow. She discusses homeschooling, and “special schools”, and how interest-based learning is key. Eliza visits the Self Managed Learning Centre to find out about putting autonomy first as the basis for learning, and shares her journey to finding the perfect place to learn for her child.

“What if we reconceptualised “dropping out” of education as “dropping in” to a different kind of education because that’s what you need, and for that to be empowering.”


Eliza Fricker (@_MissingTheMark)

Harry Thompson (@FidgetyF_cker), author of The PDA Paradox

Kieran Rose (@KieranRose7), The Autistic Advocate

Dr Naomi Fisher (@naomicfisher), author of Changing Our Minds

Dr Chris Bagley (@hiddendepths), Director of Research at States of Mind

Dr Ian Cunningham, founder of the Self Managed Learning College 


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