The Murder of Gloria Gaxiola

This episode was recommended to us at the Gen Why meet up in LA by Laura, one of our awesome listeners. She recommended this case, and actually has a personal connection to it, because she knew the victim from school. So we just wanted to say a quick thank you to Laura for recommending the case to us!

This week we are discussing a case from southern California. Early in the morning on October 12th, 2002 a body of Gloria Gaxiola was found on the side of the road. She was initially believed to be the victim of a hit and run, but police quickly determined that what actually happened was much more horrific.

The body of the young woman was dragged behind a car for over 4 miles before being left on the side of the road. The murder seemed to be deeply personal, but the case was cold for years before investigators would catch a break.

This week we will discuss the crime, the victim, and possible motives for why this atrocious crime happened.



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