Xiana Fairchild and Amber Swartz

In mid-August 2000 an 8 year old girl came running into traffic. She flagged down a car and quite literally jumped through the window. She said she had been kidnapped two days earlier. Hours later the man responsible was apprehended.

After his arrest, the man started talking. Soon the talking turned to confessions for not one but eight kidnappings and murders. Two of the murders the man confessed to were two high profile kidnappings from the Bay Area that had not been solved, and one was over 10 years old.

With a list of confessions and very little evidence to go on, investigators got to work trying to corroborate this man’s story. Did law enforcement accidentally stumble upon an active serial killer? Or was this the work of someone who confessed to crimes he didn’t commit to torture families of missing persons? This week we will discuss the circumstances around the arrest and subsequent investigations.

Link to story about Xiana: https://www.npr.org/2014/09/12/347945288/jamie-dewolf-xiana-fairchild

Music by: The Blank Tapes

Research by: Esther Jeon

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