Regina and Margaret DeFrancisco

Regina and Margaret DeFrancisco are two sisters who made headlines when they were just teenagers in the summer of 2000. Regina’s boyfriend, Oscar Velazquez was found dead in a vacant lot, shot, wrapped in a tarp, and set on fire. The crime scene was gruesome and the act seemed personal.

Law enforcement narrowed down on the two sisters as prime suspects. From the first round of questioning, police were suspicious of the two. Their alibis didn’t match up and they were nervous. Police let them go, but before they could be arrested for murder, the two girls had fled.

For the next two years the two girls would evade capture. It wasn’t until the story of Oscar’s murder was aired on Unsolved Mysteries and America’s Most Wanted was there a break in the case.

This week we will discuss the circumstances around Oscar’s murder, what led to the sisters’ captures, and what could have possibly motivated them to commit such a heinous crime.

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