The Survival of Christy Salters

Christy Salters was a gifted athlete from a young age. After entering a Tough Woman Contest, which is an amateur boxing match, she knew that’s what she wanted to do.

Finding a trainer to take a woman in a male dominated sport in the 1990’s was a challenge and only toughest and most skilled would even get a glance by a trainer; Christy got that glance and got herself a seasoned trainer. She ended up earning the Women’s Light Middle Weight Champ of the World title and married her trainer, Jim Martin.

Christy had a secret though, a secret that, according to her husband, would kill her career; and also according to her husband, if she acted on her desires or left him, he would let the world know her secret and then kill her, and he did try.

Tonight we take you through the harrowing survival of this gifted athlete who put women’s boxing on the map; tonight we take you through The Survival of Christy Salters.


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