Junko Furuta

On November 25th, 1988, seventeen-year-old Junko Furuta, was walking after school. She was kidnapped by four boys and held captive for 44 days. In those 44 days, Junko would endure unthinkable brutal torture before she was killed. Sadly, there were a few people, other than the four abductors, who knew that Junko was in that house being tortured, yet she remained because they did not go to the authorities.

Her case would later be named the “concrete encased high school girl murder case” due to the state that her body was recovered in.


PLEASE NOTE: This episode is more graphic than our normal episodes; we decided we needed to share some of what was done to Junko in detail, so you can understand the brutality as well as get the full picture of the killers. We give warning before we talk aobut those details.

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