James Dale Ritchie

A special THANK YOU to Lanie of True Crime Fan Club for joining us in this special crossover episode!!

Anchorage saw an increase in homicides in 2016. Late that summer, a terrifying pattern seemed to be emerging. People were being shot to death in pairs on the bike trails that wind through the city and police were left with very little evidence to go on. Some victims seemed to know each other and others didn’t. All were victims of opportunity.

Colleen first heard about this case in late 2016. Articles began popping up asking if there was an unidentified serial killer operating in Anchorage. Police were quick to dismiss the speculation, but the death toll continued to rise.

All of that came to an end that November when a chance encounter between a pedestrian and a police officer turned deadly. Soon police would match a gun at the scene to 5 previously unsolved murders from that year. The person responsible was dead, but Anchorage was left with more questions than answers.

Link to dashcam footage of shootout: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o46Oq08s8no


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