Velma Barfield

Nichole joins us this week as Colleen is under the weather. We are lucky that Nichole swooped in and saved the day! Now, onto the show… Velma Barfield was an American serial killer living in North Carolina. She had a rough upbringing and escaped her situation by marrying young. The marriage was overall a happy one, until an operation led to a behavioral change in Velma. The once happy couple turned bitter and argued constantly. This went on for years and one day Velma and the kids left the house and returned later to find their house burned and Velma’s husband dead. That would be the first of multiple suspicious deaths that Velma was connected to. There would be 4 more before someone placed an anonymous tip to the police. After the investigation was completed, questions still remained. Who was Velma? What made her decide to kill people? And are there even answers to these questions? ***Support us by supporting our sponsors! *** ***Remember to listen till the end for a promo from our pod friend It’s About Damn Crime!! *** Join Our Facebook Group: Check Us Out Online: Like Our Facebook Page: Become a Patreon Supporter: Donate: Find Us On Apple Podcasts: Find Us On Stitcher:

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