Episode 9: Mike Bodie

In this episode, Dave chats to one of Mischief's founding members, Mike Bodie. You might already recognise Mike's voice, as his dulcet tones do the Mischief Maker intro every week! 

Mike chats about his ADHD and what he's learning about it,  shares the story of how his mum saved his life multiple times after he was involved in a car accident, and why he walked up to Arthur's seat in Edinburgh with Dave Hearn on his back in a three-piece suit.

Mischief Makers delves into the world of Mischief, to find out what makes it so mischievous! Recorded in a single take with no edits, anything can (and does) happen!

Download a transcript of the episode here: https://mischiefmakersep9.carrd.co/ 

Find out more about Mischief at https://mischiefcomedy.com/

Find out more about Mike Bodie on his website: https://mikebodie.net/