Ritchie Iwanski - MoA Bonus Episode 28

In this bonus episode Gary Mansfield speaks to Ritchie Iwanski (@_r_i_t_c_h_i_e)

Ritchie Iwański, a Canadian native, has been honing his artistic skills for the last ten years and has since made New York City his place of residence. He is dedicated to a style of art known as transcendent collage, where he utilizes genuine magazine or comic book clippings to produce his art, providing them with a retro and genuine ambiance.

His artwork distinguishes itself through his exceptional methods of imagination and originality. Every artwork he creates has an exceptional viewpoint, and he relishes acquiring knowledge about his subjects. As a result, he has achieved triumphs in France by launching his NFTs in Cannes and has also presented visual art pieces in London and New York City.

For more information on the work of Ritchie Iwanski go to: https://ritchiesworld.com/

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