Malgorzata Lisiecka - MoA Bonus Episode 33

Today's episode is one of several featuring some of the artists from the 2023 Kensington & Chelsea Art Week/Trail, for info go to: or @KCAWlondon

In this bonus episode Gary Mansfield speaks to Malgorzata Lisiecka @malgorzata­_lisiecka

Malgorzata is an artist based in London whose practice is located between sculpture, public art, installation, costume, and performance.

She crosses the boundaries of disciplines, shifting the functions of both wearable objects and the body, or interacting with the surrounding space.

Her works take into consideration the place, environment and spectators who are often becoming unaware participants of the artwork itself.

Exploring the phenomena of biology, nature, as well as the social and technological aspects of our world, leads her into the sphere of experimentation with scale, connection and communication between the material and immaterial realms.

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