Gallery No.32 & Winter Sculpture Park - MoA Bonus Episode 25

In this Bonus Episode Gary Mansfield speaks to Meg & Kieran of Gallery No.32 about their Winter Sculpture Park (@gallery_no.32)


Introducing Gallery No.32's third WINTER SCULPTURE PARK, an annual outdoor exhibition of contemporary sculpture and public art.


Gallery No.32’s WINTER SCULPTURE PARK is a group exhibition of UK and internationally-based artists exploring how today’s liquid times have made room for an alternative art world to emerge. The exhibition invites 40 artists to place their work across 4 acres of open grassland in Bexley, South East London. Braving the elements, the sculptures will stand the vicissitudes of British weather for 10 weeks, becoming a part of the natural environment around them.


WINTER SCULPTURE PARK provides an option to reroute, swapping the white walls and closed doors of gallery spaces for the blue skies and open terrains of the great outdoors. It is offering artist and audience a unique chance to explore contemporary art and performance amongst London’s natural landscape. Here, art is offered to all, FREE OF CHARGE.


Exhibiting innovative and ambitious artworks directly in the public realm, Gallery No.32 and the annual WINTER SCULPTURE PARK bring art to unexpected places, expanding the reach of culture through discovery & exploration.


Gallery No.32 is an outdoor exhibition and project space providing accessible opportunities for artists at any stage of their career. Free to show and free to view, artists can explore the broadest possibilities of their practice, while offering art to new audiences directly in the public realm. By taking artists out of the institution and placing them in the natural landscape, Gallery No.32 is altering how art is seen, and who art is for, upturning the typical white-wall model and digging the tracks for an alternative art-world.


OPENING PARTY: Saturday 18 February 2023, 12-5PM

19 February - 29 April 2023

Gallery No.32, Bexley, DA5 3QG

Tickets available now.


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