Ep.235 Alison Jackson - Ministry of Arts Podcast

In this episode Gary Mansfield speaks to Alison Jackson (@alisonjacksonartist)

Alison Jackson, a contemporary, BAFTA and multi award-winning artist, photographer and filmmaker explores the cult of celebrity – an extraordinary phenomenon manufactured by the media, publicity industries and the public figures themselves. To raise questions about this, Jackson creates celebrity ‘news’ that appears real and plausible but isn’t.

She creates convincingly realistic work portraying the imagined private lives of public figures using cleverly styled lookalikes. Resemblance becomes real, and fantasy touches on the plausible. Jackson creates scenes that the public have all imagined but never seen. It’s an exploration of our insatiable desire to get personal with public personalities, raising questions about the power and seductive nature of imagery which incites voyeurism and our need to believe - Jackson challenges our preconceptions.

Jackson takes portraits of (real!) famous actors, politicians and celebrities, collected by Museum collections, such as at the National Portrait Gallery, The Parliamentary Art Collection in London and SF MOMA, San Francisco amongst many others.

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