Ep.232 The Cameron Twins & DWW Gallery - Ministry of Arts Podcast

In this episode Gary Mansfield speaks to Abigail & Phoebe Cameron a.k.a The Cameron Twins (@the_camerontwins) and Ned Kelly from The Don't Wakk Walk Gallery (@dontwalkwalkgallery)

The Cameron Twins are a collaborative artist duo of identical twins who work together in a range of different media including screen print, digital montage, photography, casting, sculpture and installation .Their work has an overall strong and garish style using an oversaturated bright colour palette to create a surreal quality. The vivid colours and child-like naïve aesthetic with chaotic ensembles of images allows them to work playfully, exploring the ideas surrounding childhood imagination and dreams within their art practice.

The Cameron Twins’ practice incorporates many familiar, recognisable, fun images and pop-culture references from childhood, such as Barbie, Trolls and My Little Pony . 'We enjoy using this popular imagery in our sculptures and prints as they add a playful and witty quality to the work and adds to the connectivity of our art across ages and social confines whilst still remaining personal and anecdotal’. The often familiar subject matter and the bright and juvenile colour palette used in the work can create a misleading cheerful aesthetic which then juxtaposes with the more sinister tones and darker imagery often revealed under closer inspection.

The artists want the viewer to question the effect of nostalgia on their own memories and past experiences, and to scratch away at what might, or might not, lie just beneath the surface.

DONT WALK WALK opened in March 2017. We are an independent artist run gallery in Deal, Kent boasting a 'punk rock' ethic and a strong desire to offer something a little different. DWW is a working space with my studio in which I paint. The gallery showcases 40 + artists being emerging and established talents in painting, printmaking, illustration, photography & sculpture from domestic and international shores.  

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