Ep.230 Jessica Worrall - Ministry of Arts Podcast

In this episode Gary Mansfield speaks to Jessica Worrall (@jessicaworralldigitalcollage)

Originally from Yorkshire and now based in Glasgow, I’ve worked as a theatre designer for over 30 years working in both the mainstream and the experimental with my designs being seen from a disused bus in a Bethnal Green car park to the main stage at Shakespeares Globe.

During lockdown I took advantage of the hiatus in my theatre work to explore the creative possibilities of making my own work, initially just playing around with ideas which soon developed into a series of digital collages. These works juxtapose portraits of women from art with images of modern day couture as a way of questioning the external forces that exist within both art and fashion and which shape and enforce our understanding of the ideals around women’s status in society. Initially making the work just for myself I was persuaded by friends to share the work on Instagram where it has gained a steady stream of followers. This led to a bit of a career rethink and though I do still design for theatre I am focussing more and more on this more personal creative practice. This year I made a new series of large scale collage works entitled ‘The Shaping of Beauty’ which were shown on advertising billboards in Glasgow, Dundee and Edinburgh. https://www.buildhollywood.co.uk/work/jessica-worrall-the-shaping-of-beauty/

I also now sell limited edition prints of my work which you can find at my Etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/JWCollage

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