Ep.214 Charlie Haydn Taylor - Ministry of Arts Podcast

In this episode Gary Mansfield speaks to Charlie Haydn Taylor (@charliehtart)

Charlie Haydn Taylor was born in Jersey, Channel Islands and is now based in London.

His work evokes a sense of contemplation and isolation, where the lines between the fictional and autobiographical collide. His most recent works respond to the emotional weight of isolation that can occur when living in a major city, paradoxically surrounded by millions of others. With regards to this, his work looks to convey a sense of the difference between private and public persona, where the viewer is able to place themselves into the pieces as a first-person participant. The stylistic approach of using both photographic realism collaged alongside flat, block colour is done in order to create a new, fictional reality where the interiors exist but still appear recognisable due to the sum of its parts. The inclusion of various objects ranging from books to letters as well as household objects is an attempt to give the viewer markers on the narrative that is occurring within each scene.

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