Background Bob - MoA Bonus Episode 30

In this bonus episode Gary Mansfield speaks to Background Bob (@background_bob)

Background Bob & his amazing friends…back again

A simple little idea that has turned into a worldwide phenomenon. Background Bob is the artist name of 14 yr old Noah. Noah has hydrocephalus, epilepsy and cerebral palsy, but despite that, he’s a cheeky, kid full of smiles who loves to paint. He paints wonderful abstract paintings on cardboard and sends them to artists all over the world to collaborate on with him

This is his 3rd year of running his project (with his dad, Nathan) He has already collaborated with over 720 different artists from all over the globe, has made the news worldwide, held 2 exhibitions, produced 2 beautiful books, and has raised over £160,000 for his local children’s ward in Colchester through auctions selling off the artwork and books.

And he’s back again……

His 3rd exhibition containing over 250 stunning collaborations is about to open at Firstsite, Colchester. It opens on Saturday 1st April and runs until 8th October. Plenty of time to plan a trip. There is something for everyone at this exhibition, and some big names have jumped on board this year!

Background Bob is also busy putting finishing touches to his 3rd book containing all this years artworks, which will be available soon. To keep up to date please follow @background_bob over on Instagram

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