KAI LAB - MoA Bonus Episode

In this bonus episode Gary Mansfield speaks to KAI LAB (@kai.lab_)


We are a London-based arts and design practice that creates electronic, mechanical and sonic artworks. All with backgrounds in the physical sciences, we place a heavy emphasis on research and development. 

Our projects are driven by the desire to understand the core components of intriguing, complex and beautiful natural phenomena. Each artwork aims to make tangible the intangible, and invites the audience to use all their senses to experience a new perception of the environment. 

The observation of nature shows that the beauty of physical events is often the result of the strict rules of physics combined with the randomness of our chaotic environment. Our work aims to find the delicate balance between what technology can control and what randomness can disrupt, to build objects and spaces that are relatable yet surprising.

Our research into micro and macro natural phenomena and our desire to work with these in new ways often leads to the development of novel electrical and mechanical technologies. We use these systems to power our own pieces as well as those of collaborators across a number of fields and industries.


For more information on the work of Kai Lab go to: https://kailaboratory.com


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