Akshita Gandhi - MoA Bonus Episode

In this bonus episode Gary Mansfield speaks to Akshita Gandhi (@iamakshitagandhi)

A Love Letter to My Home

A solo exhibition of new work by Akshita Gandhi

Is India truly free seventy-five years after its independence? The Indian Independence Act, which established India's independence from British imperialism, went into effect in August 1947. However, the act partitioned India, causing significant social divisions. What is India's post-colonial identity now, amidst social and political upheaval and increasing censorship? And how does the surrounding architecture reflect the residents' vitality and spirit?

Photographer and multimedia artist Akshita Gandhi strives to answer these questions in her solo exhibition "A Love Letter To My Home." Presented at The Nehru Centre by Gabriel Fine Arts to celebrate the 75th anniversary of India’s independence, Gandhi’s work casts new light on Mumbai and Udaipur, revealing cityscapes in flux and essentially coming undone.


 A Love Letter to My Home

23 – 27 May 2022

The Nehru Centre, 8 S Audley St, Mayfair, London W1K 1HF

For more information on the work of Akshita Gandhi go to: https://akshitagandhi.org

With Thanks to Tani of TBurnsArts, for making this conversation happen

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