James Vaulkhard - MoA Bonus Episode

In this episode Gary Mansfield speaks to James Vaulkhard (@jamesvaulkhard)


James Vaulkhard holds a BA degree in History of Art from Leeds University, and has both trained and taught at Charles Cecil Studios and Studio Della Statua in Florence, Italy. Here, he gained a formidable reputation for his ability to embrace and manifest traditional techniques in both portraiture and sculpture. Notably, upon his graduation in 2013, Vaulkhard was commissioned to participate in a bridge project between Italy and Kenya, developing the preliminary studies for The Sacred Heart Cathedral Kericho in collaboration with local Kenyan sculptors.


In his most recent work, Vaulkhard has combined techniques developed in both these series of works and married them to the aesthetic arena of Japanese art, specifically addressing the mysterious concept of Ma or negative space. The result is a series of abstract landscapes intended to draw the viewer deeper into nature via an overwhelming visual cacophony that seeks to communicate the vast potentialities that exist between the elements.


‘World Waxed Green’ opens at Asia House on 23-28 March and is curated by MC Llamas


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