Ep.188 The Misfortune Teller - Ministry of Arts Podcast

In this episode Gary Mansfield speaks to The Misfortune teller (@themisfortuneteller)


After failing at everything else in life, The Misfortune Teller gave up entirely and decided to become an artist.



Since then, his bleakly humorous, confessional style has garnered him a modest yet enthusiastic following, and nigh-on zero industry recognition. Encouragingly, some people have paid actual money to acquire his stuff, which is a surprise both to him and his friends and family, who cheer from the sidelines with a bemused, and slightly annoyed look on their faces.



As creator of the ‘Dark Therapy’ style, The Misfortune Teller delivers painfully honest truths across a variety of mediums, from ink on paper to balloon sculptures on rooftops, from brutally honest memorial plaques screwed onto park benches in the dead of night, to teabags inscribed with demotivational messages. On occasion, he also gives live ‘Misfortunetellings’ at fairs to anyone brave enough to hear their dark prophecy.



His most recent piece, a metal road sign bearing the message ‘Everything is a sign when you are lost,’ is available now.*



*All words written by The Misfortune Teller, pretending to be someone else writing about himself.



For more information on the work of The Misfortune teller go to https://themisfortuneteller.org



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