Ep.171 Paul Kneen - Ministry of Arts Podcast

In this episode Gary Mansfield speaks to Paul Kneen (@paulkneenart)


Art allows me to be free. It takes me on unexpected journeys not just within my creative process but through the opportunities art has presented along the way.

Street art was one of those journeys. It opened my eyes to a whole new world of splats, drips and spray paint. It gave me the confidence to be more creative, more experimental and to have more fun. Through the likes of Banksy and co I also realised that art could make a statement.

This sparked something inside me so, much of my work is based around social/political issues such as animal poaching, rich/poor divide, political incompetency etc, but refusing to be pigeon-holed, I experiment with style, technique and medium allowing the process to evolve. For me that’s when the exciting, unplanned things happen.




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