Episode 174 - Living from the Unknown & The Unprincipled Life w/ Lisa Carrillo

In this episode I speak with author Lisa Carrillo about her latest book, 'An Unprincipled Life: Living from the Unknown'.. This book delves into profound introspection, sparking contemplation on the essence of being, the confines of human comprehension, and the liberating experience of relinquishing control. Lisa, drawing from a wealth of personal encounters and a profound sense of existential awe, demonstrates how principles -initially perceived as necessary aspects of life, can transform into restrictive chains constraining our perception and comprehension of the true nature of reality. As we talk about what her book is trying to convey, we dive into various related topics.. Lisa's incredible book also contains loving strategies to deal with things like; relationships, money, health, and more which we talk about as well... Drop in!


Lisa Carrillo Bio:

Lisa had a sudden shift into peace and freedom when, in 2009 during a silent retreat, she experienced nothing but one benevolent flow of being. She saw her previous identity as a mere collection of thoughts. When those thoughts returned, she questioned them using these techniques, dissolving the ideas of a vulnerable separate self and returning to a stable experience of the one benevolent flow.

Some have asked about her life experiences. As a child, she focused on spiritual growth as a paramount interest. She excelled in school and earned a B.A. in Mathematics and English, then an M.S. in Chemical Engineering and worked for a few Fortune 100 companies. She then earned an MBA and transitioned to product management. She continued graduate studies in divinity and then in psychology. After 12 years, she left the corporate world to study and then teach relationships. She was influenced by teachers like Adyashanti, Byron Katie, A.H. Almaas, Leonard Jacobson, Isaac Shapiro, and Gangaji. Life has carried her through the U.S., Mexico, South America, and Europe as well as Turkey, Israel, and Russia. Finally she studied diagnostic medical ultrasound, which enabled her and her husband to settle in a small coastal town in the hiking paradise of northern California.

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