Episode 171 - The Magic of Copper w/ Christy Garvey

In this episode Brynn Anderson and I conduct an interview together for the first time! We interview the owner of 'Earth Magick Copper Crowns'... Christy Garvey. Christy digs deep and talks about the esoteric and magical aspects of copper.. She also shares her story of being a part of a music festival and what she learned from that experience. As we continue, Christy talks about the channeled nature of her primary creation, the Copper Crowns. These crowns are very special, with the power to have a dramatic effect on our energy body and auric field. She shares the process of how they are created, the shamanic training each crown wearer receives, and how they can benefit each recipient.. Drop In!


Christy Garvey Bio:

Hi! Christy here! I’m the Telepathic Time Traveler. I connect those who choose to live. We are quantum truth seekers retrieving ancient wisdom to the now.

The lost secrets I accessed were of copper. Now, I make electro magnetic copper tools that promote physic shielding and elestial activation. I am a writer, peer mentor and creative engineer. Who R U?

Together we are Earth Aliens, here to ensure our planetary sphere is a place we all desire to be on. When one tries to escape our planet, they realize it’s just a reflektion. This is our home. Let’s be here now!

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