Episode 168 - Frequency Medicine & The Harmonic Egg w/ Gail Lynn

In this episode, I speak with Author and inventor of the Harmonic Egg.. Gail Lynn. Gail shares her incredible story of coming from the corporate world and discovering the power of healing with sound and light.. As her life twists and turns, she creates the Harmonic Egg - a device that has the power to affect significant ailments. This incredible, unique device - using her designed method of healing with sound and light, has been proven to help people in a very real way. An amazing story! Drop In...


Gail Lynn Bio:

Gail Lynn, was first exposed to sound and light healing while working in the film industry as an executive producer for a movie about Elvis Presley called Protecting the King. When Gail's doctor diagnosed her with severe cardiovascular stress at the young age of 37, caused by an accumulation of stress from two challenging relationships and three successive and extremely competitive careers in the automotive and telecommunications industries, and then as a Hollywood producer, she knew that she had to find a radical solution to her health issues. Extensive research led her into the world of frequency

medicine and light and sound technologies.

After just a weekend of sessions with a non-invasive sound and light chamber, her Heart Rate

Variability medical test showed the stress on her heart had significantly decreased. Unable to believe it could have been that easy, she continued sessions periodically for three years, during which a lifelong condition of

chronic asthma disappeared, along with severe migraines that had been plaguing her for 23 years.

Determined to help others and open her own healing Center in Denver, Colorado, Gail simultaneously set out to uncover the ancient history and the modern science behind light and sound as healing therapies. Following

a series of extraordinary synchronicities, which guided her to combine light and sound technologies with sacred geometry and Tesla mathematics, she developed a revolutionary immersive, resonance healing chamber called the Harmonic Egg, which is advancing frequency healing to an unimagined level. To find out more visit: www.harmonicegg.com

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