Episode 166 - The Death Experience & Angelic Messages w/ Kim Copeland

In this episode I speak again with Medium, Hospice Nurse, and author... Kim Copeland. Kim returns as a guest to tell us about Angelic messages she has received regarding humanities future, and to take a deeper dive into the post 3D life experience.. Kim and I talk about how the human death experience unfolds and what to expect as we leave our bodies, and the guides, souls, and galactics that are there to help us on our journey.. We also talk about AI, starseeds, angels, and so much more... Drop In!


Kim Copeland Bio:

Kim Copeland has over 20 years of experience as a psychic/medium, hospice RN, and energy medicine practitioner. She has walked between worlds with countless clients, witnessing an array of spiritual supportive helpers who offer messages of hope, support and truly that life continues on the other side.

Mediumship and psychic work developed from her studies in shamanism, and energy medicine. She is passionate about assisting clients to discover love, connection, and support from their spirit helpers which include loved ones, angels, guides, master teachers, animals, ETs, and more. 

Kim offers readings and teaches psychic development. Her teachings and readings are inspired by love, divine connection, support, and energetic balancing.

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